Advanced Safety Certification

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Unless noted courses are held at Ohio Chapter in Youngstown, Ohio.

4-Day, Advanced Safety Certificate Courses

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Certificate of Principles in Safety

Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (POSH) 4th Edition

2021 Dates:   To be Announced
Fee: Member/Nonmember $1395/$1750

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

2021 Dates: September 27-30

4-Day, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Fee: Member/Nonmember $1495/$1850

Safety Management Techniques (SMT)
2021 Dates:  Online,  To be announced
Fee: Member/Nonmember $1395/$1750

Safety Training Methods (STM)
2021 Dates: Online, To be announced  

Fee: Member/Nonmember $1395/$1750


1-Day, Advanced Safety Certificate Courses

 Note: Click titles for course descriptions.

Incident Investigation
2021 Dates: To be announced           Member/Nonmember $349/$439

Job Safety Analysis
2021 Dates: To be announced                    Member/Nonmember $349/$439

Safety Inspections
2021 Dates: To be announced               Member/Nonmember $349/$439 

Ergonomics – Managing for Results
2021 Dates:  To be announced             Member/Nonmember $349/$439

Team Safety 
2021 Dates: To be announced       Member/Nonmember $325/$425