Distracted Driving Enforcement Begins in October

Beginning October 5, Ohio drivers can get a ticket for violating the State’s recently strengthened distracted driving law.

1st Offense

2 points assessed to license

Up to $150 fine

2nd Offense

3 points assessed to license

Up to $250 fine

3rd Offense +

4 points assessed to license
Possible 90-day suspension

Up to $500 fine

  • Fines are doubled if the violation occurs in a work zone.
  • After the first offense, drivers can take an online distracted driving course to help avoid the fine and points.

The law makes it illegal in most cases for anyone driving in Ohio to use or hold a cell phone or electronic device. The violation is now considered a primary offense, allowing any officer to pull over a distracted driver immediately.
Drivers over the age of 18 can still make or receive calls while using a hands-free device like speakerphone, earpiece, wireless headset, electronic watch, or connection to vehicle. Devices can only be activated with a single touch or swipe.

For more information, visit phonesdown.ohio.gov

Introduction of new employee at NSC Ohio Chapter. 

 Victor D.  Considine, Certified Environmental Safety Compliance Officer.  (CESCO)

Retired after twenty-two years in Environmental Management System Development, Waste Stream, OSHA CFR 1910/1926 (General Industry and Construction), Equipment Safety, EPA, DOT, Fire Safety, and Food Safety training applications with the Department of Justice.  Enhanced training by customizing material, to address your industry needs, and encourage behavior-based safety practices on the job.

If you need consulting, compliance inspections,  recommended corrective actions, and written reports or policies, call or email Chapter to see how Victor can  assist you. 


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